request for "play once" feature

I teach folkdancing. I need to select one track, have it play and then stop.

I could select “repeat one”  but I do not want the track to restart while I am away

from the player.

I could create a one-track playlist but as I explained in another topic, once more tracks are added to the folder, the pla file will refer to a different track!

I request that an addition to the “repeat one” selection, a “play once” option be added.

Not to diminish the sincerity of your request, but I doubt it will be implemented. PLA isn’t the only format of playlist; you could make .m3u type and not have the issue you seem to be having with the .pla format.

What I did as a work-around, was to turn on “repeat one” and then use a batch file to add enough seconds of silence to allow me to walk back to the player and stop it before it starts again.

This is the batch file:

for %%A in (d:\danceuc*.mp3) do (copy “%%A” + c:\work\4sec.mp3 /B)

Can you suggest a way to make 200 one-track m3u playlists?

Actually, yes:  if each track is in its own folder, a software application developed by a contributor here, eliasf, will create a playlist for each folder on your Clip.

(eliasf was the first to do so; others have created their own similar applications posted here as well (you can try to find them by doing a search here).) 

And there is a similar application at the Clip forum, in a sticky thread at top.

@miikerman wrote:

Actually, yes:  if each track is in its own folder

I have found that any modification of the folder hierarchy causes “podcast mode” to stop working.   It reverts to “music mode” and you lose the bookmark capability which is a requirement for long podcast files.

Play Once is a feature I have requested before. Glad to see that I’m no longer the only one.

Use folder mode for playback. When putting the songs on the player, put one song in each folder. When you play the folder, it will play that one song then stop.