Request for additional cloud service within Memory Zone

I am using Memory Zone on my Droid 3.  It seems to work well.

I would like to request that the following cloud services be added to Memory Zone"

  • Windows Live Skydrive
  • SugarSync
  • ZumoDrive
  • Amazon Cloud Drive

Thank you for considering this request.


Hi Bob,

   Thanks for the suggestion. We have recieved similar requests from other users of our Memory Zone (Beta) app.

   We are considering adding additonal cloud storage services in a future release.

   Please stay tuned and thanks for your patience!


I like the app.  I second that request, only for me SugarSync would come first.  

Two other “cloud service” requests:

  1. FTP client support

  2. WebDAV client


We just released a new Beta version with support for SugarSync!

Please add also the Cloud Service “Telekom Mediencenter” ( ), which is very widespread in Germany. It is also accessable via WebDAV, so a generic WebDAV service within MemoryZone might help.

Btw, please also change the Amazon gateway to the local Amazon homepage. I can’t buy from within Germany but I could buy from

Thanks, Thomas

Ok, we will add Telekom Mediencenter to the list of services to add in future releases.

We will also be changing the Amazon pages to our internal e-store.


Thank you for letting us knowing about the additional cloud services.


  Just downloaded the Android app, it is great! I would like to request access to a Pogoplug. Pogoplug is a personal cloud device (processor + your own USB harddrive)  where the device resides in your premises. Connection to the device is done via the server which takes care of network connections, firewalls, etc. There is a Pogoplug app for smartphones and tablets but Sandisk’s implementation is so much better. 

Hi All,

   We have added all the cloud services you all ahave requested to our feature request list.

   Look for a new version of Memory Zone sometime this week that will have MS SkyDrive support!

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Ther is still no support for Telekom Mediencenter :frowning:

gls schrieb:

Ok, we will add Telekom Mediencenter to the list of services to add in future releases.


We will also be changing the Amazon pages to our internal e-store.

None of these promised changes are implemented yet. When will they come up?

Please add pogoplug support.

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So, it seems Memory Zone like being a dead product…

Please add the following cloud services within Memory Zone

Ubuntu One
Amazon Cloud Drive


Thank You