Reputable Website for Fuze plugins?

Is there some reputable site out there on the Internet to download (free) plugins for the Fuze (8GB)?  Basically, what I’m looking for is a download to add a sub-genre option in the list of ways to categorize the songs on the Fuze.  In terms of genre, most of my songs are basically the same (rock/pop or alt/punk); it’s subgenre where they branch out.

And I’ve already categorized them on Rhapsody under genre and subgenre.  I’m not keen on trying to re-categorize all of the songs under just their subgenres.

Checking out what other plugin options there are available would be a nice bonus, too, though… :-) 

P.S. I have already done a Google search for Fuze plugins, as well as a search on this website, and have not found what I’m looking for.

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I’m not aware there are any such “plugins”, or how you would go about “plugging them in”.  That might be why you can’t find any.

No such thing exists. YET. Maybe when/if Rockbox is ready for the fuze but I kinda doubt it.

The only kind of ‘plugin’ there is would be Rockbox which will work on the Fuze pretty soon

Even if you could find a plug-in that claims to do this, it would require a multi-level ID3 tag (which doesn’t exist). As you know, the only information the Fuze can see and/or display is that from the ID3 tag, so the tag would need to have the Genre and also the ‘sub-genre’ information in it. And I’m not aware of any ID3 tag format that has this many fields.

What you could do is modify the existing genres in the tags with MP3Tag or a similar dedicated tagging program. I don’t know what genres you’re into, but for example Rock has got to be the most over-used & abused genre out there. If it don’t fit anywhere else, it seems to get stuck in Rock.

Well, there are many different artists that create & play music and yes, they are influenced by Rock, but their style is a blend or fusion of Rock and something else. That’s where ‘sub-genres’ come into play and are more descriptive.

Pop-Rock (not to be confused with the exploding candy), Country-Rock, Folk-Rock, Bluegrass-Rock, Rock-n-Roll, Slow-Rock, Instrumental-Rock, Oldies-Rock, Surf-Rock, Punk-Rock, Acid-Rock are but a few.

As much as you say you don’t want to, I think you’re going to end up modifying the genre field in the tags of all of your songs manually. That way you’ll get them the way you want them. There’s no program or ‘plug-in’ that will do it for you.