[Reposting] From mommysantiago: I washed my sons fuze in the washer!

My humblest apologies!  I’ve discovered that if I try to clean up the first post in a thread, the board drops the thread.  Here’s mommysantiago’s original question:   -µsansa

I washed my son’s Fuze in the washer now it’s not working.  It does turn on but it doesn’t play and the screen is blank.  Any suggestions?

As you see, I did a little washing myself!  Leave the Fuze turned off , and allow it to dry after shaking as much water from the Fuze as possible.  This process can be greatly improved by placing the Fuze in a small bag filled with rice, believe it or not.

The rice is a wonderful dessicant, absorbing the moisture from the drying Sansa.  Place the combination in a warm, (not hot!) and dry place for a few days.  Patience is key.

If you search the boards here, you will find many success stories after this unfortunate accident.