Replaygain supported?

Hi. I’m really thankful for the recent update, especially the flac support. I was wondering whether the new firmware update supports reading the replaygain metadata? I would think it does since it’s part of the specification but just need to know.

I want to bring this issue up again. Thx again for the new firmware (02.01.32F), but can we expect a ReplayGain support somewehre in the future maybe it is on a todo-list or already assigned? :smiley:

I don’t think it supports it. But that would be great if it did in the next firmware release or maybe even an option in the player so it can apply to artists, albums, all, etc.

Not too long ago Sansafix posted that they were looking into it.  I think that might have been in the Fuze forum, but new features typically end up in both players.