Replaygain freezes my Clip+

Hello everyone, first time poster here.

I recently picked up a 4gb Clip+, and love it. It’s a great little MP3 player. A few days ago after reading all the info on Replaygain here, I downloaded Media Monkey and followed all the instructions, and dragged and dropped a bunch of songs on my Clip+. On the Clip+, i have Replaygain in “Song” mode and pregain set at +4.5db. Here’s the problem:after playing a few songs everything seems to be working fine, then the clip+ just freezes. A song will be in cue, but it doesn’t play, and I can’t go back to the last song or forward to the next. I have to reboot, and then all is fine for awhile until it freezes again. I’m wondering if anyone else has this problem, or possibly i have a problem with my Clip+?

Got a 4GB Clip+ for Christmas.  Seemed to be fine, but now it freezes after almost every song.  What a joke.  How did they actually put this thing out for sale?  Sandisk needs to come out with a fix and quick!!!

Follow up…

I found another article on the forum, called “It’s dead”.  I followed the suggestions there and my Clip+ seems to be workig fine now.  We shouldn’t have to go through this with a brand new device, but at least it’s workign now.