Replay Gain

Are you kidding me? As much as I HATE my iPod, I have to say, all I need to do to even out the playback level is go to music settings and turn on the ‘Soundcheck’ feature… DONE! No downloading monkeys or determining how much of this, what kind of music etc. What a PITA!!!

Yep, Apple has always made “Products For Dummies”. And for that you get mediocre sound, quality and have to pay twice (or more) what the competitor’s products cost. Now, aren’t you lucky? :stuck_out_tongue:

Now, now, now, Apple has improved its sound over time (isn’t it pretty good, at this point?  that’s what I’ve heard from others) and the price has come down on products (at least some) . . . .   ;)   As to product quality, I’ve thought that it’s almost always supposed to have been good, a justification for the price.  And I don’t think that anyone can knock ease-of-use, assuming no (or only limited) negative impact on quality of use.  IMHO.      

I don’t know exactly what the emoticon you included is supposed to imply, but allow me to clarify my position. I LOVE my Clip+! I HATE my iPod (as I’ve already stated), and ALL things Apple, on principle as well as engineering and their sociopathic obsession with making absolutely EVERYTHING “proprietary”. I could run an entire thread on the advantages of WMA vs AAC alone! Having said that, I still have to say that SanDisk missed the mark by a mile with this ridiculously complicated and time consuming procedure you have to go through just so you can play old stuff and new stuff back to back without having to ride gain. I ONLY own an iPod because my motorcycle audio controls don’t support the Sansa files or commands. If I could get a device that would translate the code from iPod to Clip+, and back again, I would have one in a heartbeat!! PS: This reply is mostly directed to ‘Tapeworm’.