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I read the How To Informational on Replay Gain.  Downloaded Media Monkey and applied Analyze Volume Level to my mp3 library both album and track.  For 90% of the tracks when I transfer them to Clip+ the Replay Gain info is there as listed at the bottom of Track Info and it seems to work.  However, I have some tracks that show the replay gain information in Media Monkey but it is not transferring to Clip+.  If I delete the songs from the Clip+ and then add them again the information still isn’t there.  Therefore I have deduced this is not some random file transfer error.  Has anyone else experienced this problem and more importantly can you tell me how to fix this.  Could this be a Media Monkey problem and not a Clip+ problem?  I don’t have any other players that use Replay Gain to test this on.


3-11-10 11:30 a.m. (CST)

Ok, it appears that the problem lies maybe with MM not Clip+.  It appears that maybe the info didn’t get to the tag or that it requires Album levels.  A couple of the songs I was having the problem on only had Track level information.  When I added Album level info the infromation was there after I sent to Clip+.  I would still appreciate any comments or insight into Replay Gain as it is a new feature for me.


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You should scan everything with both album and track levels.  Track levels are mostly useless anyway.  It may be that the clip+ ignores them.

I have tracks that it won’t apply a album level to.  I suppose this is because it is the only track from that album that it has so there isn’t anything to compare it to or am I misunderstanding the difference between track level and album level.  Is there a way to remove the level information and do it over?  The suggestion says to apply both track and album level.  Does it matter which you do first?

I scanned my library only for track levels, so that RG would be most effective for shuffle use…and it seems to have worked just fine.

Marvin Martian did you use Media Monkey or a different program?

Orion3 wrote:
Marvin Martian did you use Media Monkey or a different program?

I used MediaMonkey.