Replay Gain doesn't work very well...


My Sansa Clip+  doesn’t not read Replay Gain Tag if this one has too much decimals.

For example:

Song1: Replay Gain = +1.45

Song 2: Replay Gain = +3.0000000000001

Sansa Clip+ can apply the replay gain for the Song1 but NOT for the Song2.

Is it a bug or something ?

How can I solve this ?

Thank you.

Truncate your long decimal values. Which encoder created them?

According to this, from the dedicated audiophiles,  the FLAC encoder goes to 8 decimals and Foobar2K to 6. Are you using some encoder that’s even more granular?

The itty-bitty processor in the Clip probably can’t handle your 14-place decimals, wherever you got them from.

And I truly doubt you can hear a difference between 3.0 and  +3.0000000000001

@black_rectangle wrote:

And I truly doubt you can hear a difference between 3.0 and  +3.0000000000001


I created the replaygain with gmusicbrowser, which use gstreamer, I think.

I cannot truncate maniually all my files, I have more than 1000…

Gmusicbrowser says it’s highly customizable. Maybe you can go into its settings and get it to use fewer decimals. And then you could try saving your existing files in bulk and see if it shortens them. 

Or you could probably open and save them in bulk (or at least album by album) in another encoder and see if they are automatically truncated. 

Foobar is free. Why not try it on one album?

I can’t use foobar, because I’m on Linux…

I asked my question on the gmusicbrowser forum.

So wait and see…

YouAmp does replaygain.

Yes maybe, but it’s a bit too old.

I just found puddletag, which can truncate the replay gain of a thousand files in the same times.

Great to know about, thanks.