Replay Gain: A how to informational

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I don’t find MP3Gain to be either a hassle or slow.  Yes, if you are running MP3Gain on a large number of albums, it will take time.  But it’s only done once–just leave it running overnight.  For just a single or a few albums at a time, it’s done in very little time.

To each his own; it is good to have choices. For those happy with MP3Gain, stay with it. I am just trying to point out to those that use Foobar2000 that it works really well also.

Absolutely.  I just started with MP3Gain with my main player because it didn’t have ReplayGain capability.  I like the fact that MP3Gain’ed files are playable on any player.

After filling my clip+ with mixed content (flac w/ applied gain, mp3 w/ applied gain & flac w/ RG info created by the reference encoder) and listening to it in shuffle mode, i noticed my clip+ sees the tags correctly, but ignores them completely. There is a clear drop in volume after switching from a file with RG info and a file with gain permanently applie.

I’m going back to applying gain to my files until this is fixed.

Note: this is not the positive gain bug, the gain is negative on all files and is being read correctly.

I’m not sure if it’s because clip+ doesn’t support the tags created by the reference encoder (which is not a god idea if this is the case!) or if clip+ is defective.

Hi all, this is my first time using replay gain and I would like some help. I made a test folder on the clip+ with two songs that I had levelled the volume on using media monkey. Playing the two songs on my computer through media monkey they both have the same equal volume. But when turning on the replay gain feature on the clip and switching between the same two tracks, there is a big difference, one is really loud in comparison. Is my clip+ faulty? Everything else works fine as far as I can see. If its faulty can a firmware upgrade fix this, or should I return it?


EDIT: Just checked the track info when the songs are playing, cant see any information there regarding any replay gain values

EDIT #2: Fixed!

Okay I gathered some mp3s (varying volumes) together and put them in THREE separate folders on the clip. One folder MP3GAIN where they were all set to the default 89db. One folder MONKEY where the mp3 tags had been updated with Media Monkey to 89db. Last folder FOOBAR with the tags being changed to level the volume again to 89db. After I had transferred them to the clip I listened through the folders with Replay gain turned off, this was the setting when the folders were transferred to the clip. Obviously all the volumes were varying except in the MP3GAIN folder where the volume of the mp3s had been changed. So then I turned Replay Gain onto ‘Song’ mode. The mp3s inside MONKEY and FOOBAR still had erratic volume levels and checking the track info on the mp3s in both folders there was no sign of any replay gain info. BUT THEN I turned the player on and off and suddenly… track info in both MONKEY and FOOBAR folders show replay gain info, its right at the bottom, just keep down clicking even if it shows less than a full page of info on the screen you think is the last one. The FOOBAR replay gains looked messed up, -40db etc. But the MONKEY folder had all the gains correctly and the volumes of the mp3s played in that folder now sounded pretty much level. One thing I noticed was that the level that Media Monkey decides to set the volumes to is a little higher than what MP3GAIN considers 89db, perhaps its a resolution thing. Once I had it working, I was able to turn replay gain on and off without restarting the clip again and I could notice the difference immediately. So in essence, try and turn your player on and off after you select replay gain on. I hope this helps someone - btw I was using Media Monkey version 3.01

Slightly off topic, I have all my mp3s on the clip in seperate folders for each artist and the file name is the song title. Is there a way or program that could analyse all the folders and for each mp3 fill in the ID3 tags so that the artist name is taken from the folder the mp3 is in and the song name is taken from the mp3 file name?


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“The FOOBAR replay gains looked messed up, -40db etc”

From my experience that would indicate that the ReplayGain value was approx “+10.00”. Replacing the “+” with a zero should set the proper value in the Clip+.

Yes I believe you’re right. I have actually decided to not bother with Replay Gain after all, I mean MP3Gain does everything I need, but Im glad I got it working. I know that Mp3Gain has a resolution of ±1.5db and it seems Media Monkey has one of ±0.5db so I would guess that would get the volume levels closer, but I did could not really percieve the differences. Btw I managed to fix my mp3 tags as above, using Mp3Tag.

Well, I got my Clip+ today, and after analyzing my library yesterday, I loaded a bunch of stuff on to test the ReplayGain, and so far it seems to work just fine.:smiley:

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Given all the headaches from ReplayGain, first with the Fuze, now with the Clip+, I think they would have been better off not implementing it, and improving the custom EQ’s functionality instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to respond to myself here.

Now that I have a Clip+, I’ve analyzed my library with MediaMonkey, and so far the ReplayGain seems to work for me just fine. And I’m pleased to say that the custom EQ really is better than either my old Clips, or my old Fuze. It’s not the best, (my Q2’s 7-band is):stuck_out_tongue: but it works well enough with my on-the-go headphones, unlike the old models.

I don’t know yet what the  battery life, etc,  will be like, but so far, a definite upgrade over the original Clip (haven’t used a card though).

Noobie here, just bought an 8Gb Clip+ to replace my water damaged Ipod nano (i never used the video or games anyway !)

So i’m using MediaMonkey and trying to get replay gain working on the clip, i select a track right click select analyze volume and a value appears in the track volume column of media monkey… i assume this is the calculated value for replay gain ???

so then when i sync that track to the Clip+ and try to view the replay gain info on the Clip+ it doesn’t show…

as an experiment i copied the file from the Clip+ back onto the PC renamed the file, and then using MP3tag editied the track name to be different from original so i knew whihc track was which, and altered the replay gain value (only by 0.1) saved the tags and copied that file back onto the Clip+ this file does show the replay gain value ???

now since as i copied the file from the Clip+ back to the PC and mp3tag saw the replay gain tag how come the Clip+ couldn’t ??? is it something i’m doing in media monkey ???

any suggestions welcome

Regards Andy

okay scratch that… a bit more meddling with media monkey seems i didn’t understand/read the instructions properly…

on the auto-conversion tab in the device profile window i had checked the volume leveling when sychromising checkbox… no wonder it seemed to take forever to sync doing everyfile…

Live and learn


I noticed that my Clip+ doesn’t get confused by a “+” sign in the replaygain data. e.g., A track which foobar2000 marked with REPLAYGAIN_TRACK_GAIN of +4.10, will have the value “4.1” in the Track Info on the Clip+. Does it mean this bug got fixed with fw 1.02.13? Can anybody else confirm plz?

I think the 1.02.09 changelog mentions Replaygain parsing. I didn’t actually check back until recently and I was surprised to find not one, but two firmware updates! Anyway, I have the 1.02.13 firmware installed, and the “+9.99 ==> -40.01” behavior is fixed.

Clip+ 8 gb, 16 gb card, firmware 1.02.15a

OK, I’ve read this whole thread, and as far as I can tell, no one has gotten Replay Gain to work as described in the first post.  I used Mediamonkey to analyze track volume on all tracks, but Replay Gain on the Clip+ just doesn’t provide any change in volume level, regardless of the track being played or the RG settings used. All the other options for achieving level volume playback are unacceptable to me: 

1)  If I read the Foobar discussion correctly, it looks like I would have to go throught the tracks one by one and take out all the “plus” characters.  No thanks, I have 2500 tracks on the clip, and I already have a full time job. 

2)  mp3Gain works well – but only for mp3’s.  I’ve got loads and loads of wma, and recently I’ve been trying out flac.

3)  I tried Rockbox – didn’t like it, for several reasons that don’t matter here.  RB is gone, at least until there’s a stable release.  

4)  The only other option is to use Media Monkey to level the volume on all those files – but I’d rather not, because that permanently alters the file itself.

SO – any suggestions on how to get Replay Gain to actually work, using Mediamonkey data? 

@comfortablynumb wrote:

Clip+ 8 gb, 16 gb card, firmware 1.02.15a



2)  mp3Gain works well – but only for mp3’s.  I’ve got loads and loads of wma, and recently I’ve been trying out flac.



FWIW I don’t think WMA supports replaygain, so thats probably not going to work no matter what tag editor you use. 

My WMA files have volume tags on them, put there by MediaMonkey.  Replay Gain on the clip has the same effect on both formats (and flac, too):  nada. 

While you can put a replaygain tag on anything, that doesn’t mean the format supports replaygain.  Software has to actually understand how to read a tag before it will work.  Its possible that Sandisk added support for replaygain tags as written by MediaMonkey, but I wouldn’t be sure of it since I think WMA has some other volume normalization scheme.  But I am uncertain. 

Weeeell as far as im concerned i got replay gain working on the Clip+ with MP3, FLAC and OGG files.

Heres how i did it:

1.: you would want to update the Clip+ Firmware to the newest 1.02.15

2.: get foobar 2000

3.: copy the stuff you want to work on to your harddisk, or youll grow a beard and get children while tagging

4.: point foobars media library to the folder with the files on your HD

5.: select all the files, right click => properties => tools => remove tags


6.: retag the stuff using freedb

7.: select desired files and do your prefered replay gain scan (per file, album, blabla)

      i recommend "Scan Selection as Albums (by tags)

8.: apply replay gain info, copy the files back to your Clip

9.: unplug and grow a beard while it’s “refreshing your media” (screw you little mean player thingy)

10.: enable replay gain, play a song and see the info for yourself under “track information”, you can fiddle around with the pre gain value to actually hear the effect.


Aww crap. If you may have hoped to get the **bleep** Clip louder with applying replay gain, you thought wrong.


Guess ill have to buy a portable amp after all. Poor wallet.


This is a bugmenot account. Dont bother PM’ing it.


i want to to buy a sansa fuze and i 'm very interested with replaygain ability but  i have some point that are not very clear for me,

i know there are two implementations for storing replay gain information in mp3 tag

1 - the standart way id3 v2.4 , RVA2 frames

all my music collection is tagged with rav2 frames

(the files are not modified , replaygain info are just stored in tag)

2 - sadly foobar2000 implement is own non standart replaygain : information are tagged in TXXX: frames

which implementation use the sansa fuze ? rva2 replaygain or foobar replay ?

You might want to place your post in one of the Fuze boards (this is the Clip/Clip+ board) …

"I assume in the above I can read CLIP for FUZE.


I have an MP3 file, that has been through mediamonkey, and clip is showing a Track gain of 3.38dB.  Yet if whilst playing I change “Replay Gain Mode” between OFF, SONG, ALBUM, I perceive no difference in volume.  If I change “PreGain” from 0-12dB with “Replay Gain” on SONG, I still get no difference in volume.  What am I doing wrong?"

Same with me, how to solve this?