Replacing iPodClassic with MediaDrive - Three key bugs to fix. Workaround with mp3tag

My music collection exceeds 160G and I also prefer to use my iphone with the Sandisk MediaDrive in the car/hotels/work. Dont have to carry the iPod anymore and use Bluetooth in the car (cant charge and play with iPod).

I currently have a 64+128SD SMD giving me my full collection. I can search album titles (not possible on ipod). I can download a few albums for playing in the car to avoid lockscreen issues (note that an iphone does not lockscreen if charging with the app).


In my view, the SMD is the perfect replacement, but I encountered 3 key bugs in the Iphone app which cost me time in getting success:-

  1. App does not show track listings for Albums containing the ’ character in the ALBUM field.

  2. App does not show albums/tracks properly where TITLE contains the " character.

  3. App uses ARTIST and if this is blank, there are problems.
    Also Artist with Hiragana/Kanji/Chinese characters causes issues (not sure about this one, since track titles are fine.) Many of my cds found japanese titles in wmp and itunes in the long history of my music collection burning.

I used mp3 tag to fix 1+2 for offending tracks. I then used Mp3tag to make sure ARTIST is not blank. Having done this, the Iphone app is very good.

A key added feature would be to support ‘scrolling album title’. I am a Classical Fan, and Album titles are evrything since they show whether its the 6th or 5th Bruckner symphony or whatever. In the Iphone app, you just get 10 characters but at least the last few, so not bad. No option to show full title. The Android app gives full album name - suppose there’s more room on a Galaxy tablet. 

SanDisk have a real winner on their hands for iPod replacers/upgraders like me.

Hopefully with a few fixes like above, we can copy from iTunes libraries without the fiddly editing (I use doubletwist to sync the SMD MediaDrive and ExternalSD contents).

My situation is exactly the same as yours: size of the music content, need to get rid of iPad classic…but I can’t seem to get the music in the wmd in the right order. Only some of my music appears in “music” and therefore is classified by album, artist, etc. How did you do it? I would be extremely grateful if you could help me.