Replacement Battery Covers?

I bought an m230 about 8 months ago. I love this thing! I mainly listen to mp3 podcasts of “The Lionel Show” and NPR talk shows. I too wish it would go into a faster “fast forward” mode if you hold down the button. The Lionel podcasts are 2 hour files. If I plug the player into a USB port, it doesn’t resume playback where it left off.  

It’s great that you can select mono FM receive mode, it makes reception much cleaner for NPR talk programming, which is mono anyway.

The tiny plastic tab broke off the battery cover a few weeks ago. I use rechargeable NiMh cells, so I change the battery often. I patch the player into my car stereo and built a little 85mA constant current charger for one AAA cell. I mounted a AAA holder on a car “lighter plug” and put the LM317T circuit in the plug body. I can use one battery while the other is charging. BTW, the m230 draws about 45mA from the battery while patched into my car stereo. If the volume is wide open driving 32 ohm headphones, the current varies from 45-55mA. I can get about 10 hours playback on a 750mAh rechargeable.

The battery cover fell off while I was walking my dog in a farm field, it’s lost forever (the tab was broken anyway, I had black electrical tape holding it on).

I bought a new m240 from Circuit City for $40, but the m230 is in perfect shape except for the missing battery cover.

I emailed Sandisk to see if they would sell me 5 of these battery covers (spares). I haven’t heard back yet. Does anyone know if Sandisk sells parts? I think they should put a spare battery cover in the package. It’s the most likely thing to get broken or lost, along with the ear buds. You can buy new ear buds/headphones anywhere, but not that little battery cover.   

Yeah I lost mind and as far as I know they dont replace the battery cover, so i guess where SOL but my player still works fine.

I just called 866-Sandisk. They won’t/can’t/don’t sell or give replacement battery covers for the m200 series players. They said they are not available. I’m glad I didn’t buy the more expensive 2gb or 4gb model. The days of customer service are pretty much gone. These little players are the greatest thing since a chinese buffet,   but  be very gentle with that little fragile click tab on the battery cover. Like I said in the first post, they should put a spare in the package. These tiny pieces of plastic probably cost a penny to make.