Replace ExpressCache with Intel Smart Response Technology

I was sick and tired of waiting for Sandisk to move their butts and fix their entirely broken ExpressCache, so I looked for alternatives.

I happen to own Intel X99 platform which supports Intel Smart Response Technology (same goes for older Z6x and Z7x series of chipsets). Not sure for Z170 though. I was able to utilize my Sandisk ReadyCache 32GB drive for this purpose using this awesome guide:

It’s a bit fiddly switching from AHCI to RAID mode when you already have a running system, but if you follow the guide, it’s a really simple task that takes like 5 minutes in total. And it works with Windows 10 as well, just follow the instructions for Windows 8.1, it’s exactly the same.

I just started using it so I can’t see any performance boost just yet, since it has to cache stuff first, but I know what difference ReadyCache drive made and I know Intel knows how to make stuff properly, I’m quite confident it’ll work as it should.

I hope this will help you guys who probably already lost your minds over how incompetent Sandisk is at fixing ExpressCache caching program…