repeat songs in shuffle mode

I have around 1200 mp3’s on my clip sport and want to play them all without a song repeating. Can this be done?

I copied my mp3’s to a memory card and tried the “shuffle” mode at the top of the song list. It worked fine all day. I paused the current song and headed home. In the morning, the player resumed from the same song I paused from the night before. Within a few minutes I heard a repeated song from the day before. Is anyone familiar with the mechanics of shuffle mode? Will “pausing” a song cause the shuffle mode to reset?

Any other options to play all the 1200 songs without repeating any?


backdoc77 wrote:


Will “pausing” a song cause the shuffle mode to reset?


No, but turning the player off (even if puased) will.

At least in the past, the Clp’s shuffle mode was not 100%, and so repeats can occur.

One possibility is, create a playlist of all of your music and then play that.  Unfortunately, at least in the past, there has been a 400-song limit on playlists–I don’t know if that is the case now and for the Sport.  If so, you could create multiple playlists out of your music.