Repeat option question

Is the repeat setting ever going to actually… repeat a song? I love my Connect but that is the one thing that really bugs me. I know that the repeat, repeats a whole category but what if I just want to listen to one song? Whenever something new comes out I like to put it on repeat to learn the lyrics, but now I have to keep pushing back everytime. The my old e260 has that option I can’t believe the Connect doesn’t.

It looks like the Connect will do exactly what you want. Repeat a single song over and over.

I went to the Settings>Music&Mixes>Repeat and set Repeat to ON

I went to Music Library and found a song that I had downloaded.

I selected the song to play it.

Results: The song repeated play…again and again and again…

Yea that’s how I have my settings but it doesn’t work unless I’m only listening to a category with one song in it.

For example. If I listen to Album #1 which has 20 songs… I play number 14 with those settings… it will play song #14, then move onto #15 then to #16 and so on, then after it plays #20 it goes back to #1… that’s the only repeat it does. The only time it actually plays one song over and over again is in this kind of situation: I play Album #2 which is supposed to have 20 songs also but I only liked one of them so I deleted them all except that one. So I play it… once it’s over it plays it over and over and over. But only because there are no other songs in the same category.

Yes, I believe you’re right.  You can repeat an album, but you can’t repeat a song.  Sounds like a good submittal for the next firmware update.

Think they’ll make another firmware update?

probably not anytime soon. Im happy with the new firmware they let loose, so I’ll wait patiently for the next one.

Thanks everyone. I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t just me. Hopefully it will be fixed in an update soon.

This really doesn’t seem to be a problem.

Repeat will loop a list. So it will loop a playlist or album list. If you want to have just one song repeated, then it should be the only one in the list as you noted.

But I can’t get a song on a list by itself if it is in the same album by the same artist with more than one song.