Repeat Album no longer an option

I’ve been using the Repeat Album feature almost daily. Yesterday, my husband added an album to the player. Now Repeat only gives me two choices: All and Song. Album is no longer a Repeat option. What’s up with that?

I don’t know. Did you ask your hubby?

Repeat all when playing an album repeats all the songs in the the album. When playing an artist, you can choose to repeat all the albums, or just repeat a specific album.

Aha! That was it. Thank you.

You are welcome. It is a bit confusing until you get used to it. I guess Sandisk should do a better job of explaining things in detail in the manual. It seems like Sandisk manuals are written for those with experience using other Sandisk players. Instead they should be written in detail, with the assumption that someone never owned a Sandisk mp3 player before. Or perhaps they should issue two manuals, one more advanced, and one that is much more detailed for those who never owned a Sandisk player.