Repair your Corrupt BKF file and Restore Windows XP Backup

BKF repair, the software uses lucid recovery approach. After selecting the corrupt or damaged BKF file, the process of repair will be started automatically and list of scanned items will be displayed on tree view.

BKF files can be repaired smoothly and you can see the preview of the file data before performing the recovery operation. You can get all the corrupt backup data scanned with this software.

It also provides the options to create Scan Report in DAT file format to save for future reference. With having the scan information in your system, you can repair corrupt files of any type and at any time.

Its Operating Systems: Windows 8/ 7/ Windows Vista/ Windows XP (All Versions)/ Windows 2000 (All Versions)/ and Windows 2003 (All Versions)/ Windows NT.

User can try the full featured BKF Recovery Tool. This tool enables the user to scan and analyze the capability of the application and see you the recovered data:

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