Yesterday on WPRO, AM 630 Providence RI at about 4pm I heard Leo Le Port (sp?) aka “the tech guy” recommend Media Monkey to someon who had a Fuze disk/track organization problem, and in general.

Leo really knows his stuff. :wink:

Personlly though, I still prefer Winamp to MediaMonkey.

Leo really knows his stuff. :wink:


Personally though, I still prefer Winamp to MediaMonkey.


I hear a lot about winnamp. to the point where I’m considering it (like I don’t have enough media players). What’s so great about it and which one should I get?

I used to collect toolbars: Now I might collect media players

I just find Winamp’s interface to be easier to use than Media Monkey’s. Either one will do the job they are designed to; it’s just a matter of personal preference.

I tried Winamp, but at the time it lacked smart/auto playlists which could be easily synced to a portable player.  Winamp had “smart views” which couldn’t be easily synced to a player like smart/auto playlists in MediaMonkey and WMP could be.

Also it lacked folder monitoring (automatically add music placed into folder(s) to library).  That’s not really something I want now.

This was probably a couple of years ago, and Winamp may have added those functions by now.

I haven’t synced my Connect in quite a while, but I remember one issue that MediaMonkey had was an inability to see microSDHC cards mounted inside MTP protocol players (eg, the Connect).  Not sure if it’s added that.  Winamp and WMP have had it for some time.

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I saw several references to Winamp in matters pertaining to Media Monkey. Are they related? I sepecialy noticed this with regard to the Visualizations

They were developed separately, though there are many visualizations that work on both.  I think this is because the visualizations are interpreted by an external “plugin” that was developed separately but can be run by both Winamp and MediaMonkey (and probably other music managers and relevant software).