Renaming Podcast files

I’ve downloaded several Podcasts (mp3’s) of Fresh Air interviews with Terry Gross. They are all named with just numbers, so I renamed them in my computer in order to know who the interview was with. When I copied these podcasts to my Sansa Clip (2GB) the file names I gave them disappear, and instead, the interviews appear on the Sansa as the original numbers. I can’t figure out why the Sansa doesn’t read the new file names that I gave these Podcasts.



The Clip, as a general matter, displays info. using file ID3 tags and not file names.  And so you should be changing the ID3 tags.  MP3Tag, Internet freeware, is a good tool for this.

However, nicely, there is an exception for files stored in the Podcasts and Audiobooks folders in the Clip, or with a Podcast or Audiobook ID3 genre tag, in which case the Clip will use the file and folder names (I’m not sure if this is the case if the other ID3 tag fields are filled in).

Hope this helps–

Milkerman, I can’t say for certain, but at least on my earlier M240 if all tag fields were missing files would be stored in the unknown folder with the windows filenames, I can’t recall in what order they were displayed.

Obviously it’s easy enough to default to ‘unknown’ for all blank album tag fields, but the files themselves would have to default to some unique identifier and I suppose the filename is as good as any.

My comments apply to the music folder. I haven’t used podcasts, but voice recording is different and it appears you can’t change those filenames in the podcast directory, even by re-tagging. You can tag them and stick them in the music directory.

I had a special instance of this. I wanted to record a limited number of contact information files but I had to tag and create a special folder under music to readily get to them using meaningful names.