removing sansa media converter

Does anyone have a clue as to how to install the Converter?  Each time I have tried, it ‘repairs’ itself and will not disappear in Programs uninstall.  I have gone to the ArcSoft website.  Of course, it wants you to buy, buy, buy!  From what I gather it is not totally compatible with Vista.  Any help would be appreciated.  I have tried everything to get my Sansa E250 v1 to sync(with WMP 11), import data, etc.  It will do nothing but play the radio; sometimes show up as a drive(with 16mb); say that the drivers did not load(in mtp mode). I have tried to install the newest update for tech support–no good.

ya i have the same prob i have no clue how to rid myself of this foul app.

Same here, I cannot uninstall it from Windows Vista SP1, it even doesn’t appear in “Programs and Features” witch is the equivalent to  “Add or Remove Programs” en XP.