Removing Sansa Media Converter from Windows shell extension

I uninstalled Sansa Media Converter from my computer, but every time I plug in a CD/DVD/Flash drive with video/audio files, the program still appears on the list of actions to select.

I’ve tried a program to clean up unnecessary shell extensions, but it didn’t find anything Sansa related.

How do I get rid of this blank notice? I’m using WinXP Home (32-bit).

Ah, the Achilles’ Heel of Windows, the system registry

After removing a program, Windows doesn’t always properly restore the registry.  Note that many applications can be uninstalled using the main program tree, starting with All Programs > [Program Name] > Uninstall.

This is wonderful, provided the application has an uninstall utility.

By going to Programs > Add / Remove Programs, Windows is supposed to first look for the Uninstall utility, if there is one, but…well here we are.

I have found that it’s wise to install a Registry Cleaner application to eradicate this mess.

Note that there are many possibilities out there, so my recommendation is based upon personal use- I use Uniblue Registry Booster, as it’s atomic fast, and it’s a Microsoft partnered company.

If you have ever run into a virus or trojan, you’ll find that there are plenty of shady “repair tools” out there, often made by the very same (expletive withheld) that made the trojan you’re infected with!

You can have a look at sites like c|net for reviews of registry utilities.

I like being able to restore to any specific setpoint, either via Windows, or Uniblue.  I spend a lot of time testing applications for use with the Sansa, so having full control over the registry is crucial, as I reconfigure a PC to probe various issues.

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I know there are a ton of registry cleaners,     I’ve used  Window washer for a long time, but the one I like best  is Ccleaner  (crap cleaner)  LOL  highly technical term.      but don’t be scared its been around along time, and is well maintained by its author.   Very light weight ,  fast and efficient.    this does both temp files / cleanup,   and registry cleanup.

Ah yes, crap cleaner works wonders.  It goes pretty deep too.

Rebuilding a workstation, Ccleaner comes in quite handy.

It can take a while to do its thing, but it will find the crud that dwells deep within your hard drive.

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CCleaner hasn’t removed it.

Which file would I look for to remove the Sansa Autorun extension?

@malev wrote:
CCleaner hasn’t removed it.

Which file would I look for to remove the Sansa Autorun extension?

I don’t know the answer:   

You might try this, when trying to remove all traces of an application like SMC:

Remove all files pertaining to the Sansa Media Converter program in locations such as :

C:\Program Files\SanDisk\Sansa Media Converter


*C:\Documents and Settings{Windows Login Name}\My Documents\Sansa Media Converter*


*C:\Documents and Settings{Windows Login Name}\Application Data\SanDisk*

Then empty the Recycle Bin

Then run CCleaner ,  select Registry,   Scan for Issues, Fix selected Issues, (I don’t backup the registry changes but that’s your option), Fix All Selected Issues.   (Are you sure, click OK)

Repeat Scan for Issues until there are no more issues found.

I’d run the Cleaner too, but that is entirely up to you and optional.

This should scan for any links in the registry that deal with the removed SMC files.   But first the programs have to be missing for it to do so.