Removing Rhapsody

When I boutght my Clip I signed up for the free trial period of Rhapsody – but find I don’t use it, and don’t really need it to get music on to my Clip.  Is there a way of removing it from the Clip?


Format the device.

Unplug from the Computer,

Go to Settings>Format>Yes

It will remove Rhapsody from the device  (and everything else with it,  youll need to transfer content again).

Sansa Clip

OK  I have same issue.  Don’t use Rhapsody anymore.

Removed what I think are all the songs by plugging into computer and deleting.

Just have my CD’s now…but can I just delete the Rhapsody program from the service folder via my computer?  I don’t want to have to reload if I can help it…but I don’t want to mess this up either.