Removing RAID0 array on SANDISK U100 64 GB SDSA5DK-064G

I have two SANDISK U100 64 GB SDSA5DK-064G SSD (non accessible one is with serial : 120854300982) on my MSI GT70 ONC notebook (MSI Specification ) with MSI RAID controller MS-1762. A few years back when I was upgrading Windows 10, the electricity was gone, in the middle of the update, my computer wouldn’t boot afterwards and while checking RAID setup, I removed one of the SSDs from RAID setup (became non-raid disk), and then there was still one SSD which is in RAID array (the size shown like 119 GB on that RAID0 setup but actually there is one 64G SSD disk). On startup it shows Smart Event 0 for that disk. I used SanDisk SSD Dashboard to erase and sanitize but it did not work out (by the way I use Windows 7 Home 64 bit edition on one single Sandisk SSD now). What can I do to erase literally everything on this SSD, is there a way to reset to factory settings, wipe any partition and raid array so I can reuse it. I have used an adapter as well (Codegen Codmax mSata to USB) to read and initialize disk, or format. I have used DBAN, Gparted live, Windows diskpart and Mac’s diskutil, Intel’s RST but no good result. SSD Dashboard shows it is in good life health but just I cannot use it. Could you please help me to get my disk back? Photos or hwinfo logs are on Google drive (I will put more images or info to this folder, if you need more information. some of the photos are related to my MSI motherboard, just ignore them if not relavant. I was looking on an alternative if I had to replace my SSD disks like upgrading to a m.2 controller if possible. Right now I would like to save my disk)