Removing Playlis & Recognizing Micro SD

Thank you family of folks for my previous questin.  Very helpful info.  Now…

Please keep it simple:  1. how can I remove playlist from my Fuze 8g?  Is formatting the only way?

2.  what do I do so my Fuze 8g rrecognizes the files on the micro 2g cards?

I am using Windows media, and I have only been at this 4 days, am a fast learning.

Thank you all in advance for assistance.

  1. To delete A Playlist you go into the Fuze thru “My Computer” like its a hard drive, then to playlists folder, find the files with the same name as the playlist you want to get rid of. If you want to remove the song files you will have to do that manually by going into the music folder and deleting each file.

2.All you have to do is plug the SD card. The fuze will do the rest. It does not differentiate the card from the internal memory while playing. When you plug in to your computer and open Windows Media and click the sync tab it will give you 2 options yours should say something to the effect of Sansa Fuze 8GB - Internal Memory, and the second will be Sansa Fuze 2GB- uSD Card