Removed memory card without ejecting - question

I hope someone can help me with this query.

I just purchased a Panasonic TZ100 and bought two 64GB Sandisk memory cards to use on my holiday.

I formatted the first one and started recording video and stills with it. I put the memory card in my laptop to take a look at the stills/footage just now and the card didn’t show up. The memory card reader on my Mac can sometimes do this. As it didn’t show for about a minute I pulled it out to try re-inserting. Just as I pulled it out (maybe because it moved slightly as I too hold of it) it showed up but I had already pulled on it and it had come out. 

The Mac gave me the ‘remember to always eject the card’ message. The data on it seems to be fine but i’m concerned maybe it has damaged the data or maybe the card?

If I were to copy off the data on there at the moment (only a few clips and stills) and back it up and format the card can I be sure that the card will then record fine with new data? I assume removing without ejecting only potentially causes issues with the data on the card and cannot cause issues with the card if it is re-formatted and used again?

I just want to start again with this card to be 100% sure what I record from now on will be fine.