remove SDHC from memory card slot on Clip+ 8

Apologies for what probably sounds like an inane question.

I recently purchased a Sansa Clip+ 8 and I love it. I also added a SanDisk branded SDHC 16 card.

Here’s my problem. My memory card is almost full. I’ve gotten some more blanks so I can switch them out depending on what music I want to listen to but

I can’t get the card out of the player.

How does everyone else do it? I can barely feel the edge of the card. And when I try to pull it doesn’t seem to want to budge. I afraid to pry it out as I don’t want to break the card or player.


The tricky bugger actually is spring-loaded (and it has a powerful spring–I lost an 8GB card from this–so watch out!). Using your finger or fingernail, push the card further IN (probably the opposite of what you were thinking), and then gently move your finger back–the card should spring out. Given my earlier happenstance, I keep the card and slot covered by my hand when I now do this, in case the card pops out a bit, um, energetically . . . .

Thank you. Worked perfectly.

And a very clever design.