Remove card???


OK here is a true newbie question!

How do I physically remove my SD card from the Fuze.

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You push it further in with some pen or something and it should pop-out. :slight_smile:



Thanks for the reply SR.

That’s what I thought and tried but no luck!?!

Other ideas?


I’m not so experienced in these stuff,so I don’t think I should provide you with a solution cause I don’t know of one. :slight_smile: Don’t mess with it a lot cause you might damage the internal component’s.Have you taken it out before?Or is this the first time you’re attempting?Does the Fuze read the data in the card?

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The µSD card mounts using a push-on / push-off type mechanism.  Lightly press the card inward, and you will hear a click, then the card will release as the pressure is removed from the card.


Thanks again SR.

No I have not taken it out before and yes the Fuze reads it. And yes I do get a sense that I might damage something if I keep trying. So I guess it’s now a permanent part of the player (fortunately it’s a big card - 8GB).

thanks µsansa. Tried that as this what I have experienced with other devices but it doesn’t work. As mentioned above, I think I will just let the card in there permanently.

I used a paper clip to remove mine and it worked, to bad my player would not read the stupid card oh well.