Remote and Battery

Sorry for being really stupid but how do I replace the battery in the taketv remote? I can’t work out how to find it or get it out.


look at the bottom of the remote opposite the play button. there is a little compartment that pulls out. it takes a round flat watch type battery.

Where I can see the photo of remote and battery case/box separately?

When you hold the remote in your hand face up there is a very tiny hole the size of a ball point pen in the edge of the battery casing.  If you push the small hole towards the CENTER of the battery tray, it will release.  It’s tricky so keep trying.  I had to pull it out with my fingernail simultaneously while pressing in the little bar with the hole in it.

The battery is about $1.25 and it’s easily available on the net.  It’s a CR2016  3V Lithium Coin Cell battery.

Keep the old one in the case until the new one comes so you won’t put it in backwards.  It only works ONE way, but the case will accept the battery upside down.  Design flaw.  I kept the old battery INSIDE the slider until the new one came so I could MAKE SURE IT WAS INSTALLED RIGHT SIDE UP.

This will “fix” all those remotes out there that people are complaining “don’t work”.  It’s the battery.