Remember when we used to use cassette tapes?

I did a bit of math. It seems as though a cassette tape is around 450 times the size of a micro SDHC card(is my math correct? I don’t have 450 micro SDHC cards to stack up :slight_smile: That many cards could hold around 65,000 hours of music at 256 kbps vs under 2 hours for the cassete tape! I think these numbers are amazing. I also remember that 9 years ago a 64 meg compact flash card was $200. So that was around $3 a meg. Now 32 GB cards are around $2.50 per GB. So the cost perGB was 1200 times what it is now just 9 years ago! Will flash memory cards be $2.10 a terabyte 9 years from now?  What will we store on 32 tearabyte flash memory cards?

Will we have 1,000 megapixel digital cameras? :slight_smile:

“Will we have 1,000 megapixel digital cameras?”

lol Probably. But the average user will still need NO MORE then 7 MP’s.


30 years ago I was assembling and burning machine code onto 2K eprom’s and selling them for $90.   30 years from now humanity will probably be seeing hand held computers with 1000 terabytes of storage (and be wishing for more).

Let’s thread up this one…

A loaded 10 1/2 NAB reel is a thing of beauty, but it is quite heavy.  Until digital became affordable, and the resolution improved to match (I remember when a CD mastering console (PWM encoder) was over $30,000), this was the only way  to archive an LP properly.

I’m looking forward to the future SanDisk flash cards.  That day isn’t too far in the future.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: 

The hits-home way of looking at it is that 9-10 years ago we were complaining how expensive it was for a card (or internal memory) that would even hold 1 whole album of 128 kb/s mp3.