reinstalling sansa e260 software

my Sansa e260 after some years of honorable service does not show to the pc (win 7 home, 64 bits) the music files in it, while it shows them on its screen and plays them as before. Thus impossible to erase and substitute the songs. How to do? Reinstall the full software? How? Version is V03.01.16F. thanks Alfredo

Re-installing the firmware is not going to help, and you already have the latest version for your v2 model.

Has it ever been recognized by your Win 7 machine? If not, can you try an older XP machine?

Problem solved: I formatted the device with the built-in function of the firmware. Now the folders are free and the new files are visible. Thanks a lot for suggesting not to reinstall the firmware. The device is a bit old but works properly. Alfredo

Glad it worked out for you. Is this FAT32 or NTFS? 

I can’t understand the reasoning behind your question but it would be formatted as FAT32.