Registry Editing help needed for Fuze

Hello everyone!

I know there have been countless similar posts about connection issues with the Fuze. I have read all of them and none quite got me there. So here goes:

I have a 8gb Fuze that refuses to be recognized by my old Dell Latitude 100L running Windows XP SP3 with Media Player 11. It does know it is a Sansa Fuze, but it tries in vain to install drivers for it, ending with a “Data is invalid” error. I have tried all of the following, with mixed results:

I have tried both USP ports.

I have tried the Sansa on a newer machine running XP.

I have switched the Fuze’s USB settings between MSC, MTP, and auto.

I have updated the Fuze’s firmware.

I have upgraded to Media Player 11.

I have attempted to update my Bios. When I tried this, my computer said it could not find all of the information it needed. The updates are all listed as optional by Dell, not recommended, so I don’t think I am missing anything.

I have attempted to uninstall USB ports (restacking the USB ports). When I tried to uninstall a port, my computer froze while “services.exe” took up 100% of the computing power. I gave up on that one after 30 minutes.

Where I am now is I have gone to the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\ENUM\USB and allowed free permission on any entry that says Sansa in the description.


One listing for the Sansa shows up in the “My Computer” folder, as drive E. I can open it and see all of the Sansa’s folders. Meanwhile, the computer is stuck in a continuous loop attempting to install a second drive (the MicroSD drive?) that fails with a “Data is invalid” error. I have to disconnect the Sansa to get it to stop.

I feel like I am one registry edit away from success. Does the MicroSD slot on the Sansa show up in the registy somewhere else, perhaps without the name Sansa in the description?

Thanks in advance for looking.

The uSD slot shows up with exactly the same name in the registry, but with one difference - it ends with &1 rather than &0 on my machine. If you’re using XP then you shouldn’t get any GUID numbers appearing after that point.


One thing you can check for. Start, settings, Administrative tools, services. Make sure Portable media serial number service is not disabled.

Did you upgrade to Media player 11 after SP3 was installed? If not, then reinstalling Media Player 11 might solve the problem.

Portable media serial number service is set to Automatic.

I was running Media Player 9 before. I updated only recently (mostly as a long shot) when I couldn’t get the Fuze to be recognized.

Is this a notebook? If so, make sure it is plugged into AC power before plugging in the player. On battery power, many notebooks cut the power to the USB ports and perhaps also revert to USB1 to save power. Are you plugging the player directly into the pc, and not through a hub, or a USB extension cord? Did you try disconnecting all other USB peripherals before attaching the player?

Are you trying to connect the player with a card in it? If so, take out the card and try again.

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It is a notebook, but I almost always have it plugged in.

I am not using a hub while trying to make things work.

Nothing else is attached.

Don’t have a card for it yet.

More in next posting…

The latest report:

A suggestion I read on another forum led me to allow permission on the entire listing of USB items at registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\ENUM\USB (by right clicking USB, selecting permissions, and allowing all). This seems to have done the trick, especially when I set the Fuze for MTP mode. I plugged my microSD card from my phone in just to make sure I could access it.


It still seems to want to install this Unknown generic device, which shows up as “Data is invalid”, even though I have access to both the Fuze’s internal memory and the external microSD slot. It doesn’t seem to cycle endlessly, at least.

Not quite ready to call it solved yet, but hopefully others might find their own solution this way.

The last thing I can think of is for you to check the power management settings on the notebook. Do your settings seem reasonable? Could they in any way limit the power to the USB ports or cause the USB ports to revert to USB1? If you plug a USB flash drive into the notebook, does it operate at fast speed, or very slowly?