Registering new device gives '404 Page Not Found'

Trying to register my new device.  Whenever I logon to do this I simply get a page that says

404 Page Not Found

The page ‘account/session.php’ was not found.

maybe it was a temporary problem. I just tried and product registration is working for me. 

thats strange. it seems to work if you go directly to the registration page 

Still doesn’t wirk but gives slightly different message -

The page ‘account/prodreg/alist .php’ was not found.

thats weird, it is working for me. Try clicking the register your product links from the main support page 

Clicking on your link gives “404 Page Not Found”.  But it works if I type it manually into the address bar. Strange.

SSD dashboard version 1.2.0 was just released and it looks like the product registration link on the hep tab has been fixed.