Region choices effect to volume level?

I read in some forums that US region has a higher volume level than others. Is that true?

And how to change to US region?

I want to make my Clip+ louder, because I use high impedance headphones.



You could try it. I doubt it will make that much difference , if any. The Clip+ works best with 16 ohm earphones, and not that well with headphones much over 32 ohms.

And how to do that?

There’s a huge difference between Europe and America. Try English and then choose America or Europe, you’ll hear the difference!

Now, I don’t think there’s any other way to “change” the volume level (Same level in America no matter what state!).

The only difference is that the Europe firmware is automatically on normal volume and the US one on high.  I’ve switched between the two many times on different devices, once both are on high there’s no difference.

Go to Settings -> System settings -> Volume and select high. 

Second the comment about headphones - I have a generic cheap set (that I suspect were knocked off from a high end design, as they are the best set of headphones I’ve ever heard and they cost me about £3).  However, they’re 32 ohm and the player struggles to drive them effectively - it sounds a lot muddier than other, lighter, phones.  Increasing the volume will only help a certain amount - you’d be better off (soundwise, if not pocketwise!) with a new set of phones.

I think that with the latest firmware update the Volume System Settings are hidden for Europe. So there’s no way to get more dB by switching to High, unless you switch regions.

But you can only switch regions if you do a firmware upgrade, so you’re in trouble if you already ran the latest firmware. But here’s the million dollar answer to your problem:

Use the drag and drop method and “upgrade” (again) to the latest firmware, after you disconnect and power on your Sansa clip + you get the chance to select your language and your region.


100% volume in Europe is the same as 50% volume on High Volume setting in the North-America region. 

More info about updating firmware with the drag and drop method can be found here: 

I chose " Rest of World", and I have Low and High volume, and no reduction in upper limit.

Are there any firmware variations based on the selected region?

I know it’s the same firmware, but if it’s configured differently, it what ways does it behave differently?

I remember reading that the FM tuning steps were different for America versus Europe, so I avoided choosing America; the tuning with “Rest of World” seems to be fine.

This thread was from before the firmware update.  So yeah now it’s different.