Refuses to budge

HI folks, I think my Sansa has a whole list of issues.  First of all, it gets stuck in a mode without going on.  I turn it on, and the four color wheel just stays there for two minutes.  Secondly, it’s dumped all of the files I put into it.  They just don’t stay in there.

When I go go recharge it, I’ll disconnect it from the PC cord, and it will say “disconnected” for about 5 minutes, without returning to the menu. 

Any advice would be appreciated.  I tried to get it to upload an updater, but it says that no udates are available for it.

I give up.

You might try re-formatting it. Note that this will erase all user-added content so you’ll want to make sure your files are backed up on your comptuer for re-transfer afterwards.

Also there is no need for an updater. There won’t be any more updates.

To reload the firmware just choose the All Regions link for your hardware version. Unzip the .zip file and drag the two resulting files onto the Fuze driveletter. When you disconnect it will reinstall the firmware.

Additionally, has this unit been dropped? It’s also a good one to consider the hardware side. Especially if formatting doesn’t help.