"refurbished" unused m200's on ebay question

There are some sellers offering unused but refurbished M200’s on ebay. They claim they weren’t broken and “refurbished” but simply opened and updated with the latest firmware by Sandisk (which now wants to get rid of them). They only come with the USB and phones. Is any of this accurate, such as being unused? And if I don’t like the firmware - some people mention here the upgrades can make the unit buggy - can I downgrade to a lower firmware?

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I bought an m250 on ebay early this month based on the same description, and it looked unused but refurbished. It is a version 2 player and has most recent firmware 2.2.5A installed. I have problems with menu and handling foreign charaters, but I could not have the problems solved.

I bought another m250 at Circuit city a couple of days ago.  It is a version 4 device with the most recent firmware and works just great.

I paid $37.70 including tax and free shipping at Circuit city and $36.90 including shipping at ebay, so it wasn’t worth buying a bay.

This is only my experience and other’s may be better.

I am not sure whether the firmware can be downgraded or not. It is an interesting idea and I will wait for someone else’s response.

I’m mainly looking for the M260 4 gb, which unfortuntely is harder to find - no regular store carry it. What exactly does the “device version” mean? Are there different “versions” for each of the M200 players?

Version 1 device will take only 1.xxx firmware, 2 2.xxx etc. You can not upgrade version 1 device to version 2 firmware or vice versa.

Is “device version” explained anywhere? I searched the site.  Can each model have different versions? That is, was the first production of m260 version 1, then 6 months later, a version 2 M260 was produced, etc etc? Is one version better than another? How can you tell what version you have?

I was told by a Sandisk employee that Sandisk does not have a refurbished items program. If you find a “refurbished” m2xx for sale on ebay, at buy.com, etc. it has been so designated by a “3rd party.” Sandisk does not warrant such items. If you have a problem with it you will have to deal with your vendor.