Refurbished 8GB Sansa Zip Clp plays only through computer

I recently bought a refurbished 8 gb Sansa Zip Clip Player from that will connect to my computer with the charge icon showing a full charge (all green).  Holding the Power button appears to turns the the device on, however, it  will only display the Music icon.  Pressing the right and left navigation buttons does not seem to have any effect.   I can play songs from the Sansa ClipZip music folder using my windows media player but get nothing out of the device’s output connector using earbuds or an external audio amplifier.
Any suggestions will be  appreciated.


By any chance, is the player locked/in a Hold state?  To unlock, pres the power button until the unlock screen appears.

Here’s the manual, to help you out, if you haven’t had a chance to read it yet.

If you’re still within the return period (they’re normally quite short on re-furbed items), I’d return it. :wink: