Refreshing Database

My Express would start, then stick, with the screen dispay “Refreshing Database, Do Not Remove SD Card.”  Would play without micro SD card.  Card is a 2GB Sansa.  Tried soft resets, etc.

Finally called Tech Support.  Very helpful.  I had to reformat Internal Memory and the SD card.  Now it works fine.  So the problem really wasn’t the player, it was the card.

I have to reload my music, but that’s okay.  Now if they could just make the shuffle truly random . . .

Can you describe the steps needed to fix the problem of lock-up at the “Refreshing database” display? I have the same problem. I tried calling technical support, but got cut off after getting started. I gave them a “call-back” number when we started, but they did not call back.

most of the time corrupted files will make the device malfunction. Formatting the device and the sd card will fix your concern. but remember formatting the device will erase all the data or songs on it make sure before you do that if you value the files on the device make a back up on it.