Refreshes media every time i charge it

My 8 GB clip zip with 32GB card refreshes media every time i connect it to a computer. Even when I have not added or removed any files- just charging it. It also seems to randomly disconnect itself from computers- I have checked it on other computers using different USB cables and it still does it.

Any ideas?

Charge it using an AC usb charger(or a micro usb cell phone charger), or else get a power only cable for charging via pc when you don’t want a refresh. Many people already have a micro USB cell phone charger. Make sure the voltage on it is 5 volts, and the amperage is at least 350 miliamps(most cell phone chargers are like this).

JK98’s information is correct and helpful, but doesn’t answer the underlying issue:  why is the Clip refreshing, when it shouldn’t be?  I have seen this as well.

Both my Clip Zip and Clip+ have ‘suddenly’ started exhibiting this behaviour. Both have latest firmware updates, so I’d also like to know why and what (if any) remedies there are?

It’s so annoying as ‘refreshing’ isn’t exactly quick with 32GB+ loaded and wastes about 12% of the charge each time. I usually now only charge via mains usb adapter. 

Yep, that’s the issue I see as well.

I think it is due to a Windows quirk. There may be small system files being written to  or modified on the Clip+(perhaps desktop.ini files?). I wish there would be a way to keep Windows from modifying these tiny system files.

Or your anti-virus software may be scanning the drive trying to protect you, triggering the refresh upon disconnect.

I’ve had my clip zip for about 10 months now and i’ve only just started having this problem for a few weeks… so something must be wrong with it.

Have you changed your A/V software/provider or the settings? It also might have been an automatic update that added this ‘feature’ recently.

I can’t help but wonder if a firmware upgrade version brought this little bug in the door.    :frowning:

@miikerman wrote:

I can’t help but wonder if a firmware upgrade version brought this little bug in the door.    :frowning:

Glad I don’t have to worry about that!  :wink: