Refresh Database; Missing Tracks; slow to skip

Several issues…

Since day one, this device has been extremely slow when I try to skip a track, it’s like the screen freezes up for a bit and it continues playing track ‘x’ that i want to skip, then finally it will move along to track ‘y’.   Is that common?  Same thing happens when Rating tracks, freezes up, then finally goes back to the correct screen.

Last week, I was flying so I took my player along.  When I went to skip a track like mentioned above, it froze, then the “Refresh Database” came up.   It was stuck there so I turned it off.   Turned it back on and about 1/3 of the 750 songs that I had on there appeared.  The other 2/3 disappeared.

I don’t save all my music on the comp. for storage space reasons.   This meant that last night, I began ripping all my CD’s back into Rhapsody.  Note that 90% these songs are from CD’s that I purchased, the other 10% from CD’s that were burnt from other CD’s.  None of the music tracks were downloaded online.  I reformated the device prior to putting anything back onto it. 

What exactly is “Refresh Database”?   What prompts the device to refresh the database?  What is the purpose?  Was it really frozen or just taking forever because of the amount of songs I had on there?

Did I do the right thing by erasing all tracks, then reformating?  Note: when reformatting it warned that all info would be lost, yet the photos remained, is that correct?

I am using the original software on the device, have not updated to any of the firmware stuff.

It’s a 4GB e200.

Thanks in Advance.

Refresh DataBase is the process when the player searches for the songs/music in the memory of the device after you transfered the songs using MSC mode.  If you transfered the songs on MTP mode, the player will not refresh its database because WMP compiled the DB already for the player.  instead it will just restart then you can imediately play the songs.
why did it freeze? most common reason is corruption.
If it takes a long time to refresh the database, you must format it.
I also recommend updating the firmware.

I have a Sanyo SanDisk e250 purchased from Best Buy. I had successfully loaded about 600 songs, and was able to view and listen to them all. One day after connecting to my computer to make some changes to some songs, when I disconnected and turned the SanDisk on, it would only play about half the songs. Several of the songs would say “bad track” and then skip over 10-20 songs. I tried to clean up the songs that were “bad tracks” and it would not allow me to delete them from the player stating that it is a corrupt file and can not be deleted. I haven’t confirmed that it is all of them, but I am pretty sure that the songs being labeled as “bad tracks” are WMA files.

I would like to delete all the songs from the player and start over fresh, but like I mentioned earlier, it won’t allow me to delete certain songs. Do I need to reformat the device? If so, how?

Thank you

What is this MSC and MTP mode stuff??

Also, I don’t use Windows Media Player for anything involved with this device.  Should I be?  Or is it a “behind the scenes” type of thing?

MSC is Mass Storage Class.  If you connect your e200 in this mode, your player will be recognized as a flashdrive. 
Transfering songs is easy, you just have to copy it to the removable drive and voila! you can now listen to it on your mp3 player.
A Disadvantage is sometimes after transfering, the player freezes on the ‘refreshing  database’ screen. Formatting the player will resolve the issue but its a hassle to transfer the songs all over.

MTP is Media Transfer Protocol.  A modified version of PTP or Picture Transfer Protocol which some cameras use.
MTP enable the e200 to play subscription music like Rhapsody.  Based on what I have read on this and other forums, most people hate this mode.
Some even tried to force MTP only players, like the express, to be recognized as MSC device.
If your not using subscription subscription music, one advantage you can get from this mode is that after transferring music, the player doesn’t refresh its database. Windows Media Player creates the database for the player.  What database?  The WMP(in MTP) or the e200(in MSC) creates a list/database of the songs so you can play them according to your preference whether its according artist, album, songs, genre etc.

You can still use MTP without using Windows Media Player. The current version of WinAmp now supports MTP.