Refresh Database hangs with MicroSD--Beginning of the End?

After much trouble-free use, I got the infamous Stuck on Refreshing Your Media problem.

It only happens with the microSD card inserted–but it happens with two different cards, including a 2GB that’s handled just fine by my E200.

The card is also detected and read from the computer in MSC mode, or with an adapter into an SD slot.  I’ve Error-Checked it (twice).  

But it stops the Fuze dead–I have to hold the power switch to get out of Refreshing Your Media. No card in slot, it works just fine. 

I downgraded the firmware to 1.02.26  in case the newer 1.02.28 was the problem. I deleted the last four albums added to the card (including some from before the problem started) in case it was bad tags. Still stalling.

Does anyone have further ideas?