Reformat and now audiobook download problems

Following frequent freezing of clip while listening to audiobooks, I have reformatted. Now am incurring the following:

I no longer have separate titles for each book. The parts of the books appear (in order) with names. But the end of one book flows into the beginning of the next. I can no longer get my cover art to show.

Use media overdrive to download and transfer. All are books from public library. Set to MTP. Version 1.01.20A.

Plug in your device and have a look using Windows Explorer / My Computer. Verify that it’s communicating in MTP mode.

The device will show up in Caps and Smalls, without a drive letter assigned to it. Double click on the device to verify “Internal” and “External” Memory show up.

I’ve had success by using WIndows Media Player to resynch the secure clock on the device following formatting. Simply transfer a music file or two from your library and see that they play.  Then try using the Overdrive Media Console again for a book.

Bob  :smiley: