Redeem code TopReel

 When I open a video file (.Mkv) on I Xpand Drive, It shows up an instruction to get coupon & Download TopReel. So, I did step by step. However, I can’t get the redeem code (TopReel). It shows up the message " Something went wrong, Please try later". What I could do?  I use Ipad Pro 2018 ISO 12.3.1

Hello. I have not been successful in obtaining the redeem code. Please help.

I got this problem too.

any update?

Call sandisk customer support. I had the same issue. The emailed me a link to redeem the coupon directly on the App store. their customer support isnt really good though. they said me a code that was already used twice. after the 3rd call they said they would send me a new and would take uo to 48 hours. i just complained and they sent me a new code to use within 20mins and finally was ablle to redeem the coupon.  

I got it. i have applied the same methiod. You can read here more about the fruits facts.