Recovery Tool Fails. Can't Recover Device.


I had a problem doing the auto-update. It kept interrupting me to try, then failed each time. So I tried the “hold Power for 20 secs” trick. After that it said I needed to recover using the PC tool. So I downloaded it and tried it three times. It tells me on the PC to call the 1-866-SANDISK number.

By the way, I followed the step by step instructions of the assocaited PDF help file.

try charging the Connect on the charger for 30 minutes or so… and then run the recovery tool in recovery mode again. 

I had a similar problem.  I downloaded the program, put the thing in recovery mode and went to install the program.  Turns out the recovery tool program does not work on 64-bit systems.  I ended up returning it and getting a new one since you can’t take it out of recovery mode…brilliant.