Recover lost WAV recording from Fuze?

I lost a voice recording by not saving it before I shut down the Fuze.

My Fuze screen has been whiting out quite frequently so that I can’t see the menu. The only thing I could think to do was reset the device by holding the on/off switch to the reset position (straight up).

After the device booted up again, the recording was gone.

Is there any way, or any tool, to recover the file?

I’ve used GetDataBack very successfully before for FAT files, but in this case, the Fuze can’t be read into the list of devices – maybe because it doesn’t have a letter drive?

Please help.


I had to put the Fuze in MSC mode to find it listed as a directory. I used Recuva. Not sure yet if my file is there or can be restored, but files are listed.