Recording function hangs

When I record something, it works fine. Playback of the recorded file also works fine (and quality much better than expected). Too bad it’s only WAV and there doesn’t even seem to be a setting for WAV bitrate / quality. However when trying to delete a recording from the menu, it just hangs. I reset the device after a minute or so. Other files I can delete just fine. This happens on the Clip with the latest firmware. Anyone else seeing this issue?

Kinda bad because with WAV recording it’s easy to run out of available disk space so you have to delete something.

I have to add something here:

When checking out the devices contents from the PC, the file was actually already gone :slight_smile:

However when going into the Recording tab the player still lists it but crashes when trying to playback / delete the file which no longer exists.

I solved the issue by deleting all the sys files in the root folder, and having the Clip re-create its database on disconnect from PC. But why this happened in the first place is beyond me.