Recording audiobooks

I’m only interested in loading audiobooks… and only occasionally recorded music. is there a special  method to do this?

I also want to delete when finished with book.

Depends on where (and the file format) you get the audio books from. Audible has their own proprietary software, as well as books you ‘borrow’ from the library online (Overdrive usually). If you have the audio books on CD, or borrow the physical CD’s from you local library, you can rip them yourself to .mp3 format and simply drag & drop them into the player’s memory (or SD card), not special software or flaming hoops to jump through.

The most important thing though, is to edit the ID3 tags to insure the chapters will play in order. There are many discussions on this topic here on the forum. You may want to use the Search function and read through a few of them.