Recorder data corrupted - please help!


I occasionally use my SDMX1 - 1024R to record voice data; it usually works great. But it just produced a 3MB headerless file that won’t play back! I’ve tried importing it as raw data with several programs, without success. I’ve tried manually creating a wav header, but no luck. However, I’ve gotten it close enought that I can just make out voices, so I think that the data is there.

Does anyone have experience or suggestions with this? The audio file is quite important to me for legal reasons, and I really need to get it back.

Thanks in advance for any help!

For the data recover on voice recording you can try to check out website for free data recovery or you can try to check file data converter, and in regardds with your player we might need to format your device but formatting will delete everything in your device and make sure you have a backup of all your files or songs. :wink:

hi guys, accidentally we formatted the sansa c 150 player in MSC mode so the config and record folder in the player got corrupted and none of the buttons in the player are not responding and its also not getting sync with computer however i`m able to connect it to my pc and transfer files from and to the device via usb mode…but cant copy into the device can u plz help me… 

You can try to follow these steps and update firmware;