Record loses samples

Dear Sansa,

I have a new Sansa Clip+ 4gb (My third one) which came with the 01.02.17A firmware.

When I do audio reconding wit it, everything works great, but once in a while (1 min iterval at average) it loses some audio samples. So there is a skip on the recording.

This did not happened with my previous Clip+

I updated to firware 01.02.18 through Sansa Updater, but problem persists.

Could user your help.


First, be sure to have backup copies of your music. You’ll need to reload the device following a format of the internal memory.

The best solution to try for this issue is to use the device’s built-in format function to optimize the memory with 32kb clusters. I’m wondering if the device may have a buffering issue with recording, and saving to memory.

On the device, go to Settings > System Settings > Format > Yes. This will format the internal memory (it will not affect the expansion microSD if one is mounted). Then try a recording to see if the dropouts have been cured.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Hi Neutron Bob,

I’ve done just that but problem still persists.

Should I go to my Sansa seller representative and present the problem?

I have a small catch: this unit is a warranty replacement over another unit that had different problems. The 2-year warranty of the first product as expired. Does this mean my “new” unit is not warranty covered?

Regardles if this sitution, I still think Sansa clip is an awsome product and will buy it again if needed.

Best regards, and thank you