Recommendations for speakers for sansa clip?

Just got an early Mother’s Day present.  I love it already but can see how I might want to use speakers.

Family bought me an Ihome9 but I don’t think my clip will work with it.

Does the Sansa clip even have a model number?  All the info. is so confusing.


As a general matter, you can play the Clip with any speakers that can connect up to a player through a standard mini-headphone connector.  That’s fairly standard nowadays with smaller speakers, and there’s often an auxiliary jack on the back of the speaker set for that purpose (or the speakers already have a cable built-in, which you plug into the Clip’s headphone jack).  If the speakers have a jack and not a built-in cable, you use a double-ended cable, available all over, to connect the Clip’s headphone jack to the speakers’ jack.

Check the back of the iHome–it may have an auxiliary jack there, and then all you need to do is visit Radio Shack and pick up a connecting cable for a few bucks.