Recomended SDHC card for Fuze+

Hi Guys!

I´m planning to purchase a Fuze+ 4GB model and I want to use a 64 gb micro SDHC card.

I already own a Sansa Clip Zip with a 32gb SD card and, in order to avoid compatibility isues, it was necesary for the sd to be CLASS 4 because CLASS 10 card did not not work at all.

My question for you are:

Can i use a 64 GB micro SDHC or even a 128 GB one without isues?.

In case of issues, what micro SDHC model who works well with Fuze+ would you recommend?.

Thanks in advance and sorry for my poor English. :slight_smile:

@albertd wrote:


Can i use a 64 GB micro SDHC or even a 128 GB one without isues?


Yes, as long as you re-format the card to FAT32. Anything above 32GB comes formatted as exFAT.

Having said that though, you have already discovered some Sansa players have problems with Class 10 cards. It will be difficult, if not impossible to find a 64 or 128GB card that is not Class 10.

Hello Tapeworm,

following your tip, I have installed a micro SDXC 64 GB class 10 Sandisk card (FAT32 formated) in my Sansa Clip Zip and everything seems to work fine, both in Rockbox and original firmware.

This is just what i wanted!!!

Thank you!!

PD: if I ever get my hands in a 128 GB SDXC, i will report the results.